I want to put“ I Miss My Dad,” book in hands of children and families that need to understand they are not alone. I want to give the world an opportunity to get a glimpse into the life of a child with an incarcerated parent. We need to teach our children that they can break the cycle of incarceration and be successful in life. It can be a devastating effect on the family that is left behind to cope with the aftermath. My son lost his father to prison because of a choice that he made. His father is living with that consequence but we both agree it’s important to love, support and allow our son to express his emotions and be brave even when a parent isn’t present. 

The financial goal is $6,000 which represents the approximate cost to publish the book – editing, cover design, printing, etc. I recently met with Wise Ink publishing regarding my book project and learned more information on how to get a book published. I am not one who likes to ask for help, but I felt like I should try this way and with an added offer of getting something for a donation, hoping this would be my way to do this for Jasiah. I will donate a percentage of the book to a Foundation that is established for children of incarcerated parents. 

I would be eternally grateful and humbled by anything that you could do in my quest to leave something in print, for my son Jasiah and other kids that are faced with this hardship. Thank you for your consideration and support! I have this book ready to go to the publisher, however, need a little help with raising funds to pay for the publishing package. Please help me to bring this book to life, a legacy for my child and a tool that will help many children going through the painful and confusing time of losing a parent.

Story Description:

“I Miss My Dad” follows the story of a young boy that loses his Dad to incarceration. 2.3 million children in the US have lost a parent due to incarceration, and it’s still a growing problem. This story will help those children cope and understand that they’re not alone. With it, they’ll learn to look on the bright side and focus on themselves and their future. The story’s rhyming style and relatable first-person storytelling give the tale an uplifting and positive outlook on the future on the child’s life. 

All rights to modify, publish and distribute the story “I Miss My Dad” belong to Cara Ard

Written by: Cara Ard
Illustrators by: Willard J. Malebear

For donation, please use this link. Thank You! https://www.gofundme.com/quot-i-miss-my-dadquot-help-get-book-published

Published on: 1/18/19, 1:48 AM