Help for Cee Cee's Journey

Cee Cee’s (Dave’s) rare conditions that caused his Spinal Cord Injury are CMS and CES. He lives with Cauda Equina Syndrome, Conus Medullaris Syndrome, Spinal Cord Injury, DDD, Stenosis, paralysis bowel and bladder,Autonomic dysfunction, Hashimotos ,Vagus Nerve disorder,kidney disease,syncope. I thought I was done his list forgot to add depression,panic disorder, and ptsd.

He is in need of help so he can obtain medications that are out of pocket expenses as are any therapy he needs.  Often his needs aren't able to be met and are not covered under any program or plan.

Any help at all adds up and makes a big difference in managing Dave’s chronic life altering conditions that we manage.

90$/ Can help purchase one bottle of the two bottles of meds he needs a month.
His regular medication which is covered under his drug plan is currently in Canada wide shortage.

60$/ Can help him have  one therapy session with our chiro/kinesio massage or can also get him a month of aqua therapy.

Ever grateful to our friends and followers. For without you I’m not sure where we’d be today.

Will update when he has a date for his upcoming multi level spinal surgery and another knee surgery is likely.

Thanks for any help ever so small as it can be a huge help,for me to get Dave pain management.
His ptsd trigger is unmanaged pain, plus his autonomic dysfunction is a problem. It carries potentially fatal affects with it , so it it is all life altering conditions I’m asking for help managing these are not comfort measures.

For donation, please use this link. Thank You!

Published on: 1/10/19, 4:55 AM