please help to buy my mother a home

Hello my name is Eugene Vitello, I'm 43 years old and live in the Bronx New York. I've worked as a auto body repairman and a bartender in the past. The reason I'm attempting to raise money is so I can buy my 79 year old mother a new home. Somewhere in the suburbs of upstate New York. I've been taking care of her full time for the past four years since myfather Allan passed away of kidney failure. It's been difficult for her to move on since. Thing's haven't been easy for us since, I've been taking care of her full time since my father's passing just doing odd jobs now and then, and living on her social security to help take care of her.  The reason Im asking for help is because there's no way given my current financial situation that I can purchase my mother a home. I don't have any brothers or sisters or other close family who can help me with this. I want to do this for my mother because I know it would mean so much to her. The neighborhood where we live now used to be a vey nice place to live but unfortunatly it has gone downhill alot in the last 15 years. My mother is terrified of going to a nursing home and I promised I would never do that to her. I want to do this for her because I know she has at 79 years of age she doesn't have a very long life ahead, but I want her to really be able to enjoy the time she does have left. My mother in december and january had to undergo radiation treatment fr cancer discovered in her left breast. Luckily the treatment went well and she is doing just fime. I really want o do this for her so she can enjoy her final years in a home that she will love in a nice neighborhood where she feels safe. I do feel embarrased having to ask strangers for help but this is the only way I am going to be able to accomplish this. If you can help me I would greatly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. All the money will go to purchasing my mother a new home and furniture. As well as a nurse to help out from time to time while I'm working. Thank you so much for reading my story and if you can help thank you. sincerely Eugene Vitello


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Published on: 1/9/19, 9:13 PM