Help Create a Faith-Based Series!

There are angels among us, but people rarely take the time to acknowledge them-- Especially in television shows.

Gone are the times when families could sit around the television as a unit and watch a scripted show together. There aren't any shows like "Touched by an Angel" or "Seventh Heaven" or even "Highway to Heaven" anymore. The wholesome family shows have been replaced by raunchy reality shows. The warm hugs have been erased, and blurred sexual encounters have taken their place. 

It's time to go back to our roots.

"Little Cupid" is a wholesome family series brought to you by the same team that brought you "New Dogs, Old Tricks ."  A young girl is visited by her father, a special forces soldier that has been MIA for eight years, who needs help earning his wings to get to Heaven. No one sees him but his daughter. In order to earn his wings, his assignment from "The Big Guy Upstairs" is to bring soulmates together. Given permission to work with his daughter for help, they learn more about one another and make up for lost time.

The first season will be 10 episodes, lasting about 30 minutes each. We are guaranteed to be on Prime Video, but would love for network distribution. Creator Candice Cain and Executive Producer Amy Minter will be heading to NATPE (a conference for TV shows) at the end of January to obtain global distribution. We would love to have at least the first episode completed!

Since this is a feel good show about helping others, we decided to contribute a percentage of the net profits to different charities. Each episode will have a specific charity designated to earn 5%, decided by either one of our producers or by someone that contributes. Should we raise the full $30,000 for the first episode and no one chose a charity from the rewards, Creator Candice Cain will choose the charity that received 5% of the profits. 

Should we raise the funding for the first episode quickly, we will film on Long Island at the end of December, while the kids are off of school. Please note that ALL rewards for kids to be on set will be when there is no school-- Either during break or on the weekend.  

Rewards will change with every episode, as will the goal that we want to raise. Some episodes will be more than $30K, some will be less. We are relying on you to help us. 

There are 14 characters in the first episode of "Little Cupid." They are as follows:

Angela Castaldo
Richie Castaldo
Marlene Castaldo
Miss Taylor
Aaron Nicoletti
Miss Cathy
Reader played by George Zouvelos
Principal played by Kenney Myers

Each time we raise $2,150, we will announce who is playing one of the characters (in no particular order). Please do check out all of the rewards below that we have and stay tuned for updates.

GoFundMe doesn't offer the option for people to claim rewards with donations anymore, so we have created some rewards for you. Check them out:

$5,000 - Receive a "Producer" credit at the end of episode one AND choose what charity you would like for us to donate 5% of the net profits of the show "Little Cupid" to once it is distributed. Plus be invited to our wrap and release parties! LIMIT: 1

$2,500 - Receive an "Associate Producer" credit at the end of episode one and come spend a day with us on set while we are filming. Plus be invited to our release party! LIMIT: 10

$1,000 - Receive a credit for "Very Special Thanks" at the end of episode one and be invited to our release party. LIMIT: 30

$500 - Receive a credit for "Special Thanks" at the end of episode one and an official "Little Cupid" wrap gift that the rest of the cast and crew will receive once the series wraps. UNLIMITED

$250 - Receive a credit for "Thanks" at the end of episode one and an official "Little Cupid" mug. UNLIMITED

$50 - GUARDIAN ANGELS: There is a special section in the end credits for people that have passed on. Their name will be listed under "Guardian Angels" in the end credits. UNLIMITED

$25 - YOUR SONG IN THE FIRST EPISODE: This guarantees that we will use your song in the first episode. It may be under a scene or during a transition, but it will be used. (Not the whole song-- Just a segment.) Your song will receive credit, as well as "Written By" and "Performed By" credits. Your song must be original and you must own all rights. Your song will also be featured on the website with links to your website and/or the song listing for people to purchase. LIMIT: 2

$10 - HONORING OUR FALLEN HEROES: The lead character is a special forces soldier. At the end of every episode, we will have a section called "OUR FALLEN HEROES" and list people that have served in the military and died-- either KIA (killed in action) or otherwise.  UNLIMITED

Please specify what reward you want when making your donation, either in your comment or as a message to us. Thank you so much for your support!

For donation, please use this link. Thank You!

Published on: 1/6/19, 4:26 PM