The Minimal Fidget Spinner Pen That Solves Your Anxiety

We are C60. We're thrilled to introduce to you this elegant, smooth spinning stress reliever, disguised as a beautiful metallic signature pen: the In[k]ception 2.0 — The World's Best Minimal Fidget-Spinner Pen that equips with the high quality that brings you an excellent writing experience and also help relieve stress and anxiety.  


After the last successful Kickstarter project, you supported our vision to build what we believe are the world's first fidget-spinner pen. The Kickstarter community believed in us before anyone else even knew we existed. We just want to thank for every backer who has donated forces to our previous project. You guys are just awesome! We can't make it this far without your support and trust! Thank you for showing your love to our first project, and also thank you for the positive feedbacks. Your love give us the motivation to improve!


This is where it all starts, put down your computer phones, magic screens, and electronic typewriters. In[k]ception is that simple inky mark in your sketchbook where the really big ideas are born. 


In[k]ception is the simplest and most intuitive way that unleash your creativity within, enhance your thought process, and even make you feel at peace and relax during your writing. The pen is precisely designed with the features of a magical smooth spinning top and a comfortable ergonomic hold ensuring the best writing experience. Each part of In[k]ception is lathed from a solid block of a highly durable aluminum alloy. Known for its strength, this material is often used in aerospace engineering. 


Compare to its previous version, we have upgraded its materials used for the whole pen. Now it is even easier to write because of the anti-slip surface treatment we done. The top spinner parts has been upgraded. For the 2nd gens, the ball bearings inside are made out of silicon nitride which made the spinner more durable in use and sustains longer time in spinning. We have also redesigned the brass chief axis where the refill is earier to be twisted out by now. With the new brass cheif axis, you will no longer need to insert a thin pin into the hole to change the refill.


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Published on: 3/14/19, 8:55 AM