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Tier3D - Gadgets For Crowdsourced Artificial Intelligence

Tier3D Artificial Intelligence gadgets include a smartphone, smartwatch and mixed reality glasses, which connect to the Tier3D Artificial Intelligence cloud and contribute to human-like artificial intelligence. Tier3D gadgets crowdsource Artificial Intelligence to generate a deep understanding of what you need to help you in a very precise way and work for you as an intuitive extension of your own mind. For example, if you go to a meeting wearing the Tier3D smartwatch and you promise to send a presentation the next day, the Tier3D watch understands your conversation and automatically generates a presentation highly specific to what you may need.

Tier3D Phone

Tier3D Artificial Intelligence at work

Do things before you think about doing them

The Tier3D watch uses Mind* cloud to understand the information from your interactions. The AI on the Mind* cloud transforms this understanding into a structured form of learning desired actions. The composer on the Mind* cloud uses the human-like AI to generate content like presentations, documents, notes, essays, summaries etc., doing things for you without you needed to specify them.

Edit and compose like a Pro with no training

The Tier3D gadgets capture 3D videos with light field and True Texture© information, which allows AI to do better segmentation and have better understanding of the content captured. Tier3D MindStudio app uses the video segmentation and composition features of the Mind* cloud to automatically segment different objects from the video based on simple queries like "find all objects in the scene" or more complex like "find all dancing people in a batch of videos". The objects thus extracted can be edited, added or enhanced and re-composed in a way that is consistent with the lightfield as well as the geometry of the scene.

Anyone can create, connect, share, and monetize with AI

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Published on: 1/3/19, 5:40 AM